Get Your Pets Vaccinated

TOOWOOMBA West Vet Surgery veterinarian Catherine Burke is warning dog owners to ensure their pets were vaccinated against parvovirus after the surgery admitted three cases of puppies suffering from the highly contagious virus in the last two weeks.

“Normally we only get one about every three months, but we’ve had three in just the last two weeks,” she said.

In two of the  cases, the puppies had caught the virus because they had not received all of their vaccinations said Mrs Burke.

Apparently the vaccination is given in two stages.

The parvovirus virus could easily be transported even into the home by foot and the only protection is the vaccination.

“Because it’s a virus, there are no treatments  so you’ve just got to support them while they get better,” said Mrs Burke.

I do know of cases where owners have very successfully treated sick pets with homeopathics. In fact my family have done just. When our dog caught a tick he was paralyzed for over five days. he literally could not get off the ground. We nursed him and fed homeopathic medicine through an eye dropper every 2 hrs.

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